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Writer & Journalist

For more than a decade, Aaron Sagers has been a working journalist and author. Throughout his career, he has been a travel and food writer, but a majority of his work has focused on entertainment and nerd culture journalism. His byline has appeared in, among other outlets, (where the Editor At Large role was created for him), The Hollywood Reporter, IGN, CNN, MTV, The Huffington Post,, Chicago Tribune, Budget Travel, Playboy, The Baltimore Sun, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Miami Herald, The Orland Sentinel. For six years he was a syndicated pop-culture columnist for McClatchy-Tribune and originated the Pop 20 and Pop Pundit brands. In 2009, Sagers launched the entertainment website Paranormal Pop Culture which in part inspired the Travel Channel series "Paranormal Paparazzi," which he hosted and co-executive produced. Paranormal Pop Culture was also an originating content partner for the CNN Geek Out! nerd culture section. 

He is also an author who published the book "The Paranormal Pop Culture Collection: Rambling And Shambling Through The Entertainment Of The Unexplained" in 2011. Additionally, he has contributed to ABC-CLIO reference guides and H.W. Wilson College Reference Guide, and to the Doctor Who Psychology book.

Sagers has also taught writing and journalism for the State University of New York and New York University.