The Myths Behind Jordan Peele's 'Us'


[Author’s Note: This article was published in 2019 at The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision section]

Jordan Peele's upcoming horror movie Us suggests there are dark consequences to meeting your double.

The film revolves around a family setting off on a beach vacation to a woman’s childhood home. Played by Lupita Nyong’o, Adelaide Wilson begins to re-live trauma from her past and notices eerie coincidences. She becomes certain something bad is going to happen to her family, and judging by the spot that debuted on Super Bowl Sunday, she's right.

According to Peele, the concept behind the monsters of Us, called The Tethered, comes from the idea that “we’re our own worst enemy.” He has said he wanted to explore duality, the connections between characters and their counterparts. The title itself is as likely to refer to the relationship between twin spirits as the relationship between family members. 

To understand Us ahead of its March opening, it's time to look to the folkloric, mythological, and paranormal pop culture evolution of doppelgangers.

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